Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Install Wordpress from Softaculous?

Well, who don't know Softaculous Installation Script are famous software utility in cPanel?. And now, I will tell you How to installing WordPress from the cPanel control panel using Softaculous with easy.

1. Log in into your cPanel Account, and scroll down until you find Software/Service tab, and find Softaculous Icon.

2. Once in, you can view a brief information regarding WordPress at Softaculous. Click the Install link placed above the header to initiate the installation.

3. Softaculous will show automatically fill in default settings, you may want to customize them.

4. Its required to populate the empty boxes, tyep the name of new directory in Directory field. Or let it blank if  to install in your main directory.

5. Click Install once it done.

6. After installation progress, you will see a confirmation page of your installation. Try to open the link to see your WordPress site and open the WordPress admin login with your username and password had set during the installation.

Hopefully this helpful.

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